Bet El Yeshiva Offers Kaddish Service in Israel

Staff from the Bet El Yeshiva are offering to say Kaddish in Israel on behalf of anyone in need.

Sharona Cohen ,

תקיעת שופר במניין המצומצם בכותל
תקיעת שופר במניין המצומצם בכותל
צילום: חדשות הכותל המערבי

Need to say kaddish for a loved one? Staff at the Bet El Yeshiva are prepared to take on the task of saying Kaddish for anyone who needs, or who would simply like Kaddish to be recited in Israel.*

"It's one thing to lose my father, and another thing to not have the usual community support we have all become accustomed to and have taken for granted. Sadly, I have yet to have the opportunity to say kaddish for my father...May [HaShem] greatly bless you for the wonderful and holy service you provide by saying kaddish for those who simply can't. May my father's neshama enjoy a great aliyah in your merit."



(Kaddish registration includes a U.S. tax-deductible donation - one-time for a yartzheit and recurring monthly for daily kaddish within the first year. Upon receipt of donation, Kaddish name is registered.)

*In accordance with the Health Ministry's most recent guidelines put into effect this past Sunday, minyans in Bet El are held outside and with proper social distancing.