Fourth Israeli passenger on ship diagnosed with coronavirus

After medical examinations, another Israeli patient diagnosed with coronavirus on Diamond Princess ship.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Diamond Princess
Diamond Princess

The Health and Foreign Affairs Ministries announced this morning that after another medical examination, a fourth Israeli was diagnosed with coronavirus on the Diamond Princess ship.

He is expected to be taken off the ship to continue treatment at a hospital in Japan.

The rest of the Israelis on the ship will be evacuated during the day and will leave for Israel tonight. During these hours, they undergo medical examinations to make sure that everyone who is released does not suffer from the virus.

Hadassah Medical Center infectious disease specialist Prof. Ron Nir-Paz, who is on a mission of the Health Ministry in Japan this morning, said: "Yesterday focused on medical counseling for embassy staff and the deputy director general of the Health Ministry regarding the procedure to transfer Israelis from the ship to Israel. This is a complex operation that will take place today in the coming hours, and is accompanied by the embassy together with the Japanese Health Ministry and the Japanese authorities."

Prof. Nir-Paz contributes from his experience as an expert in infectious diseases, including advice on passenger jets and infection prevention and spread. He will remain in Japan to continue to accompany the Israelis who were found to be positive with coronavirus, who are hospitalized in isolation at both military hospitals in Japan.

Meanwhile, Japanese authorities announced that two passengers on the ship, a man and a woman in their 80s, died after being infected with the coronavirus.

The two, citizens of Japan, got off the ship about a week ago.