'A jarring thing to see'

US congressman who ascended Temple Mount with Yehuda Glick noted discrimination. "Anyone who is an observant Jew has to continue to move."

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Jewish visitors on Temple Mount
Jewish visitors on Temple Mount
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Congressman Mike Johnson (IL), who ascended the Temple Mount with the Yes! Israel project, addressed Yehuda Glick's arrest:

“It was a delightful visit up to the Temple Mount with Yehuda Glick. It was the first time I went up. It was a remarkable experience. We were allowed to freely move, have open dialogue and take photos. It was a great experience. I didn’t sense any tension with anyone while we were walking with Yehuda, but it’s a delicate balance politically and among the religions, and we are sensitive to that."

"Overall it was a great experience and we were surprised to hear what happened to Yehuda Glick after we departed. But that is a picture of the constant contrast and struggle that goes on the Temple Mount."

"An important issue that came up for me is the issue of Freedom of religion, the first part of the first amendment. It specifically is first because religious belief is grounded in morality.

"I saw the contrast on the Temple Mount and walked and saw that anyone who is an observant Jew has to continue to move and is forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount. It’s a jarring thing to see.

"As a constitutional lawyer I defended religious expression in federal courts for 20 years and to see that you don’t have freedom of expression if you are a Jew or a Christian on the Temple Mount, which is arguably the holiest site in the whole world - it is a remarkable thing to observe and a sad thing to observe. I hope that can change.”