Netanyahu challenges Gantz to series of televised debates

Netanyahu challenges Blue and White opponent to series of debates 'like in the US; on politics, security, and economics'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this evening challenged Blue and White candidate Benny Gantz to a debate.

On Channel 20 Netanyahu said: "I'm ready to come here or somewhere else, Benny Gantz. Listen, I invite you to a televised debate. Come on. We will choose someone, or you bring someone and I someone, we'll do a televised debate, talk to the public. I won't have teleprompters, let's say the real stuff. What we did and what we do for the State of Israel. I invite you to a televised debate.

"We'll do a series of debates like in the U.S. - one debate on the political side, a debate on security issues, a debate on the economic side; three TV debates. Only without a headset."

Israel has not had a debate between all candidates for prime minister since 1996.