Warning conveyed to Netanyahu:
'Sovereignty in Jordan Valley would endanger peace with Jordan'

Security officials warn of wave of protests that would force King Abdullah to suspend 1994 peace treaty between countries.

Mordechai Sones,

Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley

Security officials warn that annexing the Jordan Valley could jeopardize the peace treaty with Jordan, it was claimed tonight on Channel 12 News.

In the "source's" estimation, King Abdullah will find it difficult to resist the pressure and will not be able to ignore protests and condemnations or mollify objections by returning the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv.

Channel 12 says some fear that a wave of protests by the "Palestinians" would also stir a storm in Jordan and the King will be forced to suspend the peace treaty with Israel signed in 1994.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called to establish a unity government with Blue and White to apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley. "A unity government right now, before the US enters the whirlwind of elections, would bring historic achievements for which [the opportunity] will not return," Netanyahu told the committee members, "including annexing the Jordan Valley and a critical defense alliance with the U.S."

Netanyahu enumerated the future achievements he seeks to achieve and also referred to the defense alliance he seeks to sign with the US. "Many achievements are expected, including the annexation of the Jordan Valley and a critical defense alliance with the United States. It will not restrict our freedom of action, as it will not restrict NATO forces to attack when they want."

"The defense agreement I bring with President Trump will of course be tailored to our needs and will preserve our freedom of action. The government now can create historic achievements and we may miss this opportunity.

"That is why I make every effort, including at a meeting today with Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz, to establish this government. It is still possible," Netanyahu concluded.

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