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Hospital nurse suspended after inciting to 'take down' Netanyahu

Assuta Hospital nurse suspended after posting incitement to murder PM on FB: 'Hire a killer to take him down; there's no other way.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Netanyahu speaks at Assuta Hospital
Netanyahu speaks at Assuta Hospital
Flash 90

An Assuta Hospital nurse incited to murder Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and was suspended from her job.

In a Facebook post, nurse Yael referred to the Knesset elections: "Our victory is on the line," she writes, explaining the danger to her election triumph: "Bibi's still alive. He hopes to go for a third time. He wants it.

"Rivlin's already collecting recommendations today to decide who will receive the coalition mandate first. Gantz must be first. I hope he's not stupid and he understands that."

Yael further writes that if Netanyahu promotes a third election campaign "the President will have no choice to stop this lowlife," as the nurse describes the Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

The medical professional continues: "You can hire some killer to take him down. There's no other way. Where is this killer who murdered Rabin, the one with the kippah on his head? I write in the height of seriousness. You ask who's better, the Arabs or the Dosim [derogatory, 'religious'], but we must fight for democracy."

Facebook did not deem it necessary to remove the post inciting to murder. Assuta Hospital said in response: "We in Assuta view such statements very strongly against any person. The employee was immediately suspended until the investigation is completed."