United Right:
'Netanyahu concedes to the Arabs and the left'

Netanyahu says that the decision to allow Jews in the Temple Mount was made by him so the criticism against him is unwarranted.

Hezki Baruch,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Kobi Richter/TPS

The United Right criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday over the delay in the entry of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.

"Bibi gives in to the Arabs or the left. If you pressure him he concedes to the right and then he says 'this isn't because of you. I wanted to do this anyway.' This is how it was with the illegal immigrants, releasing terrorists and the Regulation Law already for six years," the party said.

Earlier, Netanyahu claimed that the decision to allow Jewish entry to the Temple Mount was made by him, so the criticism against him by Bezalel Smotrich and Ayelet Shaked was unwarranted.

"On Thursday after consulting with security officials, I made a decision that Jews would go up to the Temple Mount on the 9th of Av, even though it was a Muslim holiday. The question was not at all whether they would be allowed to visit, but how to best manage it for public safety and that's exactly what we did," said Netanyahu.

"I'm not impressed by all the recommendations of the Twitter Cabinet - all the different tweeters. Leadership is responsibility and determination. That's how we've acted, that's how we will continue to act," Netanyahu concluded.

Just before 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, police opened the Temple Mount gate for Jewish visitors after it was closed for fear of clashes with Muslim worshipers.

Even after the opening of the Mughrabi Gate, Jewish groups were only allowed a short tour of a few hundred meters.

The United Right slammed the delay of hundreds of Jews at the entrance to the Temple Mount. "Netanyahu's decision to close the Temple Mount is a national disgrace. The Temple Mount is the most sacred place for the Jewish people. We call on the Prime Minister: Change your decision. Open the Temple Mount to Jews."