Incitement at Hebrew U mosque

Students surprised to find posters at campus mosque calling founding of Israel a "disaster" and "holocaust," alongside "Palestinian" flags.

Shiloh Fried ,

Some of the posters
Some of the posters
Im Tirtzu

"We will not forget the Nakba" - this is just one slogan from a range of posters distributed in Muslim mosques and prayer houses, usually in Ramallah, Gaza and Bethlehem. But it turns out that the phenomenon has recently reached the corridors of Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus in central Jerusalem.

The Hebrew University has a prayer house for Muslim students where there are prayers and Muslim religious activities. This week it became clear that the place is not only used for spiritual activities, but there is also active incitement against the State of Israel there.

A student of Middle Eastern Studies, an activist with the Zionist “Im Tirtzu” group, who came to the site to look at ancient books in Arabic was surprised to find posters hanging on the walls calling to remember the “Nakba,” calling the establishment of the State of Israel a "disaster" and a "holocaust," alongside "Palestinian" flags.

Assaf Corem, a student at the Hebrew University, told Basheva that many students feel uncomfortable over the fact that campuses make room for such expressions. "In general, every university student deserves proper religious services - we Jews have synagogues, and the Arabs have their own place," Corem points out.

"But unfortunately, as is the case in many mosques, especially in Israel - the mosque has become a political focal point, even a focal point of real incitement. Some elements have decided to place incitement flyers there against the State of Israel, despite the fact that the place is funded from the university budget, which is funded by taxpayers and the students. This is certainly saddening and outrageous.”

The Hebrew University responded: “In an examination conducted by the Hebrew University, there is no evidence of this poster in the Safra campus prayer room and no complaint was received on the subject. The houses of worship of all religions are sites without any political activity, as per the policy of the Hebrew University. "