Israel's first airbase closes after 71 years

Military aircraft take off from Sde Dov airbase one last time as Israel closes its oldest airbase.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

the final flight
the final flight
IDF spokesperson

Sde Dov, Israel's first airbase, closed today 71 years after it first opened.

Israeli Air Force planes took off from the Sde Dov base for a final flight to the Hatzor base near Ashdod.

The Zufit and the Hofit aircraft of the 100th Squadron, the first squadron of the IAF, were accompanied by the "Barak" aircraft from the First Fighter Squadron.

n 1938, the Civil Airport was called Reading Field. In December 1947, the first Squadron, the "A" Squadron, was established at the airport. The squadron served as an operational arm of the "Air Service" under the Hagana organization and took off from the field for their first missions in the War of Independence.

During the war, Squadron A turned its wings (Tel Aviv, Negev, Galil) into a unified squadron - "Squadron 100". The civilian and military airport was named "Sde Dov" after the late Dov Hoz in 1948.

In 1951, the base ceased to operate as a military base until it returned to operational activity in 1959.

Over the years, the people of the base participated in all of Israel's wars and took an active part in many operational missions that took off from this base and greatly influenced the defense of the state.