Rabbi Peretz, Smotrich, promise to maintain status quo

Incoming ministers of education and transportation sign letter promising not to make changes to their ministries before upcoming elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Smotrich, Peretz
Smotrich, Peretz
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Incoming Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz and incoming Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich promised not to change the status quo in their offices without coordinating with Prime Minister Netanyahu in a letter issued Wednesday.

Even before the appointment of the two was approved by the government, Rabbi Peretz and Smotrich were forced to sign a letter in which they promised that the status quo would be preserved and would not change in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation.

"As part of our job as minister of education and minister of transportation, we will work to ensure the preservation of the status quo in matters of religion and state, as has been the practice in Israel for decades, insofar as it relates to the issues within our jurisdiction," the letter, first published on Behadrei Haredim, stated.

"It is clear to us that in this period, prior to the elections to the Knesset, various parties might try to create a dispute and challenge us with regard to the existing status quo.

"Therefore, we agree that every action and response to any such event will be made with your approval, and in full coordination of each of us with you in advance," promised Smotrich and Rabbi Peretz.