Watch: 'Death=America' - Iranian music video

Video depicting Lady Liberty as skeleton holding menorah produced as part of Iran's 'Down with USA Grand Award' competition.

Mordechai Sones ,

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Hamoon TV (Iran) aired a music video to a song titled "Death=America", by Iranian singer Hamad Zamani, reports the Middle Ease Media Research Institute (MEMMRI).

The video shows Zamani sculpting a skeleton holding stone tablets and a Jewish menorah in the fashion of the Statue of Liberty.

Zamani sings: "How many people paid with their blood for your stars… Even death is too small a punishment for you… Like a ghost, it roams the streets of Las Vegas… Death lies in the purposeless lives [led] in the godless homes… All your promises are illusions… The land is strewn with corpses of doves…Your lifeline is pulling the world towards death."

The music video was produced by NASRTV, an Internet channel, as part of Iran's "Down with USA Grand Award" competition, which first took place in 2013.