Netanel Felber's PT: He's making progress, gives us much hope

A Kan News profile on Netanel Felber reveals that he is slowly making progress at his rehabilitation program at Sheba in Tel Hashomer.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

נתנאל פלבר
נתנאל פלבר
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A Kan News profile on Netanel Felber, the soldier critically wounded in a terror attack at the Givat Asaf junction in December, revealed that he is slowly making progress in his rehabilitation program at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

"The whole story is unbelievable," says Guy, Netanel's physical therapist at Sheba. "His injury was severe. We're seeing progress and improvement in movements he can make with his feet. He can bend his hand now [which was paralyzed for months]. Everything that is trivial for us is difficult for Netanel so these small signs of progress lend us much much hope."

In December 2018, terrorist Assam Barghouti approached the Givat Assaf junction and shot towards the soldiers stationed there with an automatic weapon. Yuval Mor and Yosef Cohen were killed and Netanel was severely wounded. A female civilian was also wounded during the attack.

Netanel was rushed to the hospital, hovering between life and death. He survived emergency neurosurgery and the doctors managed to stabilize him. Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital became the home of the Felber family for months until he was transferred to Sheba for rehabilitation.

The Felber family made aliyah from Silver Spring, Maryland 13 years ago and currently reside in Ranaana. Netanel's sister, Adina, got engaged a week before the terror attack. Her joyous wedding plans came to an abrupt end as Netanel fought for his life. But now that her younger brother is stable and making progress, Adina has chosen a date, booked a hall and the family is looking forward to the wedding.

"We're checking out ambulance companies that can bring him to the wedding," Adina said. "There's no way that he won't be at the wedding even if we have to do it here [Sheba]."