Newborn injured in car accident on way home from Brit Milah

8-day-old baby hurt when bus, 2 cars collide in Jerusalem after his circumcision ceremony.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Brit milah (circumcision) ceremony (illustration)
Brit milah (circumcision) ceremony (illustration)
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An 8-day-old boy was injured in a car accident on his way home from his own Brit Milah ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place when a bus and two private cars collided on Golda Meir Boulevard in Jerusalem.

United Hatzalah volunteer paramedics and EMTs who were in the vicinity rushed to the call to treat the injured and discovered that among them was an 8-day-old baby who was returning from his Brit Milah ceremony. The baby was lightly injured as were two other women involved in the accident.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and ambulance driver Nissim Yazdi, who was one of the first responders at the scene said: "when I arrived at the scene together with other volunteers from United Hatzalah, we were told that the family was on their way home from celebrating the Brit of the new baby. The baby sustained a head injury in the accident and we treated him and the others injured at the scene. Following initial care, the injured were transported to the hospital for further care and check-ups."