4 killed after crane collapses in Yavneh

4 workers killed when crane collapses at construction site.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

scene of accident in Yavneh
scene of accident in Yavneh

Four people were killed when a crane collapsed at a construction site on Jabotinsky Boulevard in Yavneh.

Rescue forces worked to rescue an injured worker who was trapped on the crane, but his death was ultimately confirmed.

MDA Paramedic Alon Malma said: "This is a large construction site with two residential buildings with a crane in the center, the rear part of the crane broke down and collapsed on the ground."

"Workers who were nearby were severely injured in all parts of their bodies, and during operations to evacuate them we carried out medical examinations, but they were without signs of life and we had no choice but to determine their deaths," he said.

"Another worker who was trapped on the crane at a height of dozens of meters is being rescued at this moment by the firefighters who arrived at the site," Malma added but, as mentioned, the worker later died of his injuries.