Security forces seize lathe for manufacturing weapons

Israeli security forces seize lathe used to explosives and grenades, arrest eight wanted terror suspects.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF soldiers discover lathe
IDF soldiers discover lathe
IDF spokesperson

Israel Defense Forces soldiers, together with Border Police and the Israel Police, confiscated on Monday night a lathe for the manufacture of explosive devices and grenades.

The lathe was in the Samarian Palestinian Authority village of Beit Ur At-Tahta.

"The IDF will continue its campaign to locate illegal weapons and to ensure residents' security," an IDF spokesman said.

Separately, IDF, Israel Security Agency (Shabak), Border Police, and Israel Police in Judea and Samaria arrested eight wanted suspects. All of those arrested are suspected of involvement in terror activities, "lone wolf" terror attacks, and violent disruptions of order targeting civilians and security forces. They have been taken for interrogation.

During an IDF operation to locate illegal weapons in Kafr Thulth, IDF forces located and confiscated an M-16 rifle.