Calls for escalation ahead of 'Nakba Day'

The supreme coordination framework of PA organizations calls on the Arab public to escalate the 'struggle' for 'Nakba Day.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Preparing for escalation
Preparing for escalation
Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

The national and Islamic forces in the Ramallah district, the supreme coordinating body of the Palestinian Authority organizations, oppose any proposal to return to direct bilateral negotiations with Israel.

In their communiqué, the national and Islamic forces called for the implementation of the decisions of the Palestinian National Council and the PLO Central Committee, which oppose any arrangement or political dialogue in the face of Israeli policy.

They supported the transfer of the "Palestinian problem" to the United Nations for the purpose of implementing "international resolutions on the international protection of the Palestinian people until the end of the occupation and enable it to realize all its rights without exception."

The national and Islamic forces also called for widespread participation in demonstrations to support Arab prisoners and the continuation of popular activities, including demonstrations against the Red Cross headquarters and city centers.

The national and Islamic forces declared Friday a day of escalation in the area at all points of friction with Israel in protest against, the 71st anniversary of the 'Nakba' when Arab parties failed to destroy the nascent State of Israel, and the anniversary of the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem.