Hamas claims dozens wounded in border riots

IDF says some 10,500 Palestinian Arabs take part in weekly "March of the Return" violence along the Gaza border.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Violent rioters gather along Gaza border
Violent rioters gather along Gaza border
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Hamas-run “health ministry” in Gaza claimed on Friday that dozens of Palestinian Arabs were wounded in the weekly violent riots along the Israel-Gaza border fence.

At least 83 people were hospitalized in Gaza, the ministry said in a statement quoted by AFP, as thousands again demonstrated along the heavily fortified border.

It did not say how many of those were gunshot wounds but three people were reported to be in critical condition.

The numbers of the rioters were lower than recent Fridays, reported AFP.

A spokeswoman for the IDF said some 10,500 Palestinian Arabs were taking part in the events, some of whom were throwing stones at soldiers.

The so-called “March of the Return” protests along the border have been taking place every Friday for the past year, since March 30, 2018.

Friday’s protests took place despite reports of an agreement on a truce between Hamas and Israel.

On Tuesday morning, the Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds TV channel reported that the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas will include a section on prisoner swaps.

A senior Hamas official later denied the report, saying, "These are rumors intended to calm the prisoners' spirits in the prisons and their unity."

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