'In the end we have no choice but to topple Hamas'

Arab affairs commentator Zvi Yehezkeli says every attempt to reach understandings with Hamas will fail because Hamas wants conflict.


Aerial attack on Gaza
Aerial attack on Gaza
IDF Spokesperson

Commentator on Arab affairs for Channel 13 Zvi Yehezkeli explained Hamas' interests in the latest rounds of fighting, stating: "We are at the end of this round, and now the question is what to do."

Yehezkeli asserted that residents of the Gaza Strip are disgusted by the Hamas government, and that Hamas is not a state but a terrorist organization that manages two million people.

"Beyond all the talk and frustration, we have to understand what we are dealing with and then ask the question of what we are doing. Hamas yesterday fired, for certain, a long-range projectile and, in response, Israel decided to bomb prominent Hamas targets. Government offices including the office of Haniyeh. I call them ‘real estate targets’ - because there is no damage other than real estate damage," Yehezkeli said in a conversation with Ayala Hasson on 103 FM.

"The question is what we are doing. Whether the attack is effective and whether we are acting properly," he continued. "We have to understand the significance of the demolition of a house for us as opposed to the demolition of a house in Gaza. As far as they are concerned, the call for a ceasefire was because they know Israel doesn’t want to embark on a large operation.

"They need small conflicts in order to preserve Hamas’ power and to put money in the strip. These small wars are not the big and daily war on the Gaza Strip. Today there is an entity in Gaza that Israel also created. Hamas in the Gaza Strip will continue its ultimate goal - to clash with Israel. The Iranians will continue to fuel it, as ISIS in Sinai fueled it."

So what do we do?

"The end of the conflict will not happen in the face of an organization whose raison d'être is conflict. Ultimately, there will be no escape, and Israel will do what it does not want to do - to topple the Hamas regime."

Put in tanks and soldiers?

“I didn’t say that was the way. There are more sophisticated ways. Theoretically, if there were no Hamas government, the citizens would choose a regime that would improve their lives. In the Gaza Strip, the residents are disgusted by the government. One day we will have to deal with the issue - and Hamas has patience."