Israelis arrested for carrying bullets into Egypt released

After 24 hours, 2 Israelis in whose bags bullets were found released. Foreign Min. warns: Check bags before travel abroad.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Melania Fiddler, Flash 90

Two Israelis arrested in Egypt were released after 24 hours.

The two men had been arrested after they were found carrying bullets they had forgotten into Egypt. The Foreign Ministry said the two were released after paying a fine for the bullets, and urged Israelis planning to travel abroad to check their bags prior to the trip.

"Anyone who goes abroad must check that there are no bullets / ammunition in his bag. Failure to do so could cause unpleasantness to the extent of being arrested. The growing phenomenon in which Israelis are arrested/detained abroad because of bullets requires citizens to be careful and inspect their luggage prior to travel."

The Foreign Ministry also warned that it was forbidden to cross the border into Sinai with a dashcam (event data recorder) on one's car.