Netanyahu attacks 'far left' Blue and White party

PM says Gantz and Lapid are leftists who will be reliant on the Arab parties, media acts like North Korea censors.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out on Blue and White union, Feb. 21st
Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out on Blue and White union, Feb. 21st
Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attacked the Blue and White Party in a speech to Likud members in Be'er Sheva Thursday evening.

"Lapid and Gantz are far-left in their orientation. If you vote Gantz you will get Lapid. They brought some people who are ostensibly right-wing as fig leaves to hide their leftism. We've seen this film before, and it got us Oslo and Intifada. Thousands dead. People afraid to go into malls, restaurants and buses. We must not repeat this mistake" Netanyahu said.

"This is the essence of the elections: either a strong right-wing government headed by me or a weak left-wing government of Lapid and Gantz, which is entirely dependent on the Arab parties. They have no way to establishing their government without the support of the Knesset members from the Arab parties, most of whom do not recognize the State of Israel and where there are Islamist and anti-Zionist parties. That is why it's Tibi or Bibi. They are entirely dependent on these votes, and when they don't make prepared statements they admit as much. The choice is between the right or the left," he added.

"It's a close battle, and it's not simple because the left has united, which I do not underestimate. It is because the media is crossing the line, and the majority of it is mobilized [against me]. By the way, I saw that there was someone who deviated from their line, and they said: 'How can this be? This is a blow to democracy!' Their democracy is that of North Korea. They have the media, but we have the people."