Religious leader: A vote for Jewish Home is a vote for racism

Rabbi Benny Lau promises to 'go to war' to prevent followers from voting for Jewish Home list in upcoming elections.

Uzi Baruch,

Rabbi Benny Lau
Rabbi Benny Lau

Rabbi Benny Lau, who serves as leader of Jerusalem's Ramban Synagogue, slammed the unification of the Otzma Yehudit, Jewish Home, and National Union parties.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Saturday night, Rabbi Lau said that a vote for the united Jewish Home party is a vote for racism and the Nuremberg laws.

"I suggest the public examine the comparison which [former] MK Michael Eitan made in the eighties, between the Nuremberg laws and the laws which [Rabbi Meir] Kahane wished to legislate," he said.

"As someone who dreams the dream of the resettling of Israel, I will fight so that Kahane's legacy does not enter the Knesset, because it is as racist a legacy as the Nuremberg laws."

Last Wednesday, Rabbi Lau posted on Facebook: "In the name of the love of Israel and in the name of protecting Israeli sovereignty, the Prime Minister chose to seduce the various sectors of Rabbi Kook's students to approve an abomination of a racist legacy and to ensure it enters the gates of Israel's Knesset. He seduced them, and he succeeded."

"This doesn't interest the Prime Minister. He wants to win the elections, and that's it. But people who lap this up - in order to continue their political interests, in the name of jobs and positions - dare to bring racism into the house of legislation. Oy, what will be with us?"