'We established a front for the preservation of Israel'

New Right chairman Nafatli Bennett says only he and Shaked can prevent Netanyahu from giving in to plan to create Palestinian State.

Uzi Baruch,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Eliran Aharon

New Right chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett is convinced that the list his party will present in a few hours' time will have the highest quality of any list presented to the Elections Committee.

On the friction between him and the religious Zionist community since he resigned from the Jewish Home party. Bennet said that "many people from religious Zionism join the New Right because they feel that the mainstream of religious Zionism supports the New Right, and each part will choose as it will."

In response to claims that this goes against his promises not to fight for votes from religious Zionism, which would weaken and even endanger the chances of the Jewish Home party to pass the electoral threshold, Bennett said that his focus is on "the entire people of Israel," as he puts it, stating that one third of his party's supporters are religious Zionists, one-third traditional and one-third secular, "according to our studies, so the significant political thing that happened is that we increased the bloc."

"We saved the bloc and most importantly, we are setting up a front here to save the Land of Israel from a plan for the establishment of a Palestinian state that is supposed to land on our table right after the elections," said Bennett.

"The new right will ensure that you vote right and get right," said Bennett. As for the chances of reaching those achievements from within the Jewish Home, he says that such a move could not have taken place, not because of a problem with the part, but because of the difference between the nature of a sectarian party and a party that appeals to the entire nation. In his new party, Bennett sees himself as the one who will present a governmental alternative on the day after Netanyahu's term.

Bennett reiterated that the new right would support Netanyahu after the elections, but the real question was who would be next to him in the next government, if Benny Gantz's party took Netanyahu to the left or his party would do the opposite. "If we do not have the strength again, they will vote for the Likud and get a left-wing government. Only a huge New Right can prevent it, because we say in the clearest way that we will not give an inch of the land to the Arabs."

Bennett accused Netanyahu of reaching out to relgiious Zionists before each election before working to marginalize the religious Zionist parties and adopting policies in line with the left. "Those who really want to preserve the Land of Israel must support us."

Bennett is convinced that he and Minister Ayelet Shaked are the only ones in Israel who can block the US President Donald Trump's 'dead of the century,' a plan that will come immediately after the elections and that the presence of Benny Gantz in the Netanyahu government will facilitate the acceptance of the deal. "We will not be a part of a government whose basic principles will be a Palestinian state."