Could all of Israel's right-wing parties run on a united ticket?

Jewish Home reportedly pushing Likud to form united election list with all right-wing factions to maximize right's electoral strength.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Bennett and Smotrich
Bennett and Smotrich
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

As talks between smaller right-wing parties stagnate, the Jewish Home-National Union is looking for an alternative path to avoid a massive electoral loss with votes wasted on multiple right-wing and right-leaning parties which do not pass the electoral threshold.

To enter the Knesset, a party list must receive at least 3.25% of all valid votes – equivalent to roughly 140,000 votes - about 3.9 seats-worth.

In 2015, the right ‘lost’ some 125,000 votes to the joint Yahad – Otzma Yehudit list, which narrowly failed to cross the threshold, costing the right-wing bloc several seats.

This year, there are three small right-wing parties – Otzma, Yahad, and Zehut – running which do not pass the threshold in most polls, with a fourth, Tzomet, not expected to pass the threshold alone. Another two right-wing and center-right parties, Kulanu and Yisrael Beytenu, polling at or just barely above the threshold.

Some polls show as many as a dozen seats-worth of votes on the right potentially being ‘wasted’ on factions which may fail to clear the threshold.

While the Jewish Home and National Union recently formed a joint ticket for the April 9th election, talks with Otzma Yehudit apparently reached an impasse this week.

Amid growing concern the divisions on the right could cost it the election, officials from the Jewish Home have proposed a massive, single-ticket right-wing list, uniting all of the right’s factions into a single, technical bloc for the election.

According to a report by Kan, Jewish Home officials have proposed the deal to leaders of the Likud and the New Right. Under the plan, the parties would split apart immediately after the election, and would not be obliged to remain united after they enter the Knesset.

If such an alliance were to be formed, deals with each of the parties involved would have to be completed and a Knesset list drawn up by this Thursday, the deadline for election entries.

On Tuesday, National Union chief Betzalel Smotrich, who recently inked a deal with the Jewish Home for a joint ticket, tweeted his support for a big-tent right-wing bloc with as many factions joining as possible.

"Because of the heavy responsibility which has been placed on our shoulders, I am doing everything I can, even today, to establish a technical bloc with as many partners as possible - in order to save every right-wing vote."