Gantz tells Netanyahu to stop 'crossing red lines'

Israel Resilience leader tells PM not to use Israeli defensive actions as an election ploy.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
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Benny Gantz, chairman of the Israel Resilience Party, spoke on Wednesday evening at a meeting of the party's chiefs of staff and called on Netanyahu not to expose Israel's security activities taking place across the border.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu, we are both patriots and now we are running against one another. I ask and I demand - there is one act that must be absolutely prohibited - the violation of the secrecy code of security and bragging about the secret activity of the IDF - which could harm Israeli soldiers," Gantz said.

"The use of our holy of holies for the purposes of a campaign crosses a red line and must end immediately," added the former chief of staff.

Gantz stated that the Israel Resilience party seeks to win the upcoming elections and to establish a national unity government.

"This is the goal, friends, and together we will achieve it. Together with you, we will move Israel forward and turn it into the model country that we all know it should be - the state of excellence we all know it can be.

"We succeeded in influencing the public discourse. We are the only alternative to replacing the government. We succeeded in clarifying to everyone what we already knew from the beginning - it is possible and necessary to replace the government, and on April 9, together, we will win and replace the government.

Gantz said he was not moved by the negative campaign against his party. "They are slandering us and getting weaker - and we are getting stronger and stronger. They divide - and we connect and unite. There is no need to be moved - this murky wave will disappear on April 9 ​​and we will return to sanity. Too much is at stake - the future of our country. There is an entire generation here that wants hope.

"There is a health system here that needs to be saved. There is an educational system here that we must rehabilitate. There are millions of Israelis here who want to live better. They look at us - and we see them. I see them and I know we must win. And then I see you - and I know we will win," Gantz told the chiefs of staff.

The Likud said in response: "The last person who can preach morality is Benny Gantz, who admitted in his voice that he endangered the lives of the Golani soldiers for the Palestinians."