Huge Population Growth in J&S:
Judea & Samaria Jewish population growth 1.7x national average

The Jewish population in Judea and Samaria has seen tremendous growth in 2018, according to recently-published report.

Sharona Cohen, | updated: 06:31

Beit El (file)
Beit El (file)
Oren Nahshon/Flash90

On Tuesday released its 2019 report detailing growth of the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria in the year 2018.

The population has seen a 20.61% increase in the last five years, totaling 449,508 on January 3, 2019. Eastern Etzion has shown the most growth over the last year, with a 6.15% increase in its Jewish population. Samaria follows closely behind, with a 5.4% increase. The report estimates that Judea and Samaria will have over 1,000,000 Jewish residents by 2041.

The report shows growth stats for each of the 128 Jewish towns in Yesha, organized into 11 regional blocs, according to the precise numbers in the Population Registry of Israel's Interior Ministry.

Alongside the annual report, the team, a subsidiary of Bet El Institutions, emails out a monthly curated newsletter that aggregates articles surrounding the failure of the Two-state Solution, and highlights global leaders who have given up on it due to the immense population growth of Jewish communities east of the Green Line.

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