Mr. Prime Minister, you exceeded all boundaries

Your Nativ HaAvot visit was full of cynicism. You came to be photographed and drink what little blood remains in national-religious public.

Rabbi Yitzchak Neria,

Flash 90

At the sight of the pictures and articles on the Prime Minister's visit to Nativ HaAvot, I cannot remain silent.

About a year ago, Mr. Prime Minister, you summoned us: A group of rabbis from the Religious Zionist movement. We didn't understand what happened that you called us to come to you so urgently. But we're like that; the religious Zionist Old Guard, respectful.

The meeting began and the smoke dissipated. You called us to talk to us about the terrible injustice that you were suffering, the important tasks you have as Prime Minister, the danger of the rise of a leftist government, and the attempt to replace the government with the ballot box.

We listened politely, and even agreed that there was injustice in the process. But then you turned to the elder of the group, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, and with a smile asked him what he had to say. Rabbi Druckman replied that in political matters he wished to concur with Bennett and the Jewish Home MKs, but he wished to raise a moral issue. In one moment his voice changed, and from the depths of his heart he cried out for the injustice done in Nativ HaAvot. He asked you to halt the destruction and work to correct the distortion.

His pleas, Mr. Prime Minister, lit up hope for a moment. The doors of your office that had been locked up before the residents of Nativ HaAvot opened for a moment. I thought to myself that you might come to your senses and perhaps that injustice would be prevented. How innocent and pure was Rabbi Druckman's cry. And how much hope we had. After all, a persecuted person feels empathy for another persecuted person.

We know the rest. The rabbis rallied to your advantage in the media, explaining it was inappropriate to replace a government under pressure from the media. We did our duty. But you didn't even try to keep your part. In Nativ HaAvot the homes were destroyed, and we rabbis and educators were left to deal with the moral and educational fallout from such an evacuation.

But today, wonder of wonders, the politicians flock to the settlements. You came to be photographed and to drink what little blood remains in the veins of the national religious public. So let every Jewish mother know, when it came down to the moment of truth, who cared and fought for settlement and against injustice, and who's trying to build himself on the bent back of religious Zionism. How cynical your visit!

But maybe you should stop bending and go home to your roots. We have a path and it shall be victorious.

Rabbi Yitzchak Neria
Nisim Lev