Woman punches Arab who tried to steal her car

Arab attempts to steal car at entrance to Kibbutz Einat. Driver manages to repulse thief who escapes to waiting car. Two suspects arrested.

Mordechai Sones ,

Woman after punchin would-be car thief
Woman after punchin would-be car thief
Police Spokesman

Police arrested two Arabs aged 38 and 22 from Budrus near Ramallah on suspicion of attempting to steal a car and a truck at the entrance to Kibbutz Einat and the Shilat industrial zone, respectively.

Last Wednesday a police report from Rosh Ha'ayin was received by the police of two Arabs who tried to steal a car at a gas station at the entrance to Kibbutz Einat. A police officer who arrived at the scene determined that while the woman was filling air in her tires one of the suspects arrived, got into the car, and tried without success to escape with it, while the other suspect was waiting in a nearby car.

When the owner noticed the suspect sitting in her car and trying to drive it, she ran toward him and began punching him in an attempt to repulse him. The suspect escaped to a vehicle waiting nearby and together the suspects fled the scene.

After receiving the report of the attempted theft, the police began extensive searches and the suspects were located near Shilat Junction in an attempt to steal a truck from the industrial area. The Arabs noticed the policemen and tried to escape, sideswiping a police car and causing it heavy damage.

The two Arabs were arrested and their remand was extended until Thursday. The police prosecution unit is expected to file an indictment against them and a request for detention until the end of the legal proceedings.