'They tell us to decide how we want to commit suicide'

Former Likud Minister Sa'ar speaks at Tzir 60 Conference, calls the two-state plan a slogan.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Alex Kolomoisky/Flash 90

On Monday, "Tzir 60" (Route 60) Conference was held in Kfar Etzion with the participation of head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, Shlomo Ne’eman, the head of the Efrat Council Oded Ravivi, the former mayor of Kiryat Arba-Hebron Malachi Levinger, and residents of Judea and Samaria.

The guest of honor at the conference was former minister and Likud leader, Gideon Sa’ar. Sa’ar said that after four years [out of politics] he is returning with new energies and crystallized ideas.

“These are the years in which I was able to delve deeper into fundamental problems and to think about all areas of policy and formulate ideas that I wrote and have spoken about,” Sa’ar said.

He then emphasized, “I believe that we are at a time when we have an opportunity to apply Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. That needs to be Likud’s target next term. We must achieve the normalization of life here.”

The former minister expressed his opposition of the establishment of a Palestinian state.

“They tell us to decide how we want to commit suicide: by shooting or hanging. The former will be by the establishment of an Arab state in the heart of Israel and the latter, with a bi-national state. We do not need to commit suicide. A two-state solution for two people is not a real solution, it’s a slogan. The political echelon needs to outline a new direction,” Sa’ar said.

“The future of this land will be decided by those who live in it. Therefore, our control of the borders is vital to guarantee the future of the state,” Sa’ar said.