Watch: Boy rescued from Arab village puts on tefillin at Kotel

Two and a half years ago, A. knew he was Jewish but did not speak a word of Hebrew. Now he reads from his Bar Mitzvah Torah portion.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

A.'s bar mitzvah
A.'s bar mitzvah
Yad L'Achim

A Jewish boy who was rescued from an Arab village along with his mother put on his teffilin for the first time at the Western Wall last week.

A. grew up in an Arab village as a Muslim child. His mother would occasionally mention that she was Jewish, but he did not know a word of Hebrew or anything about Judaism.

Two and a half years ago, A., his mother, and his sibling were rescued from the village by the Yad L'Achim organization.

A. and his brother received a special tutor in their home every day and helped them to master what they had learned at school.

A. showed exceptional abilities and desire and within a few months was able to open a holy book and read it on his own.

Last week, when his bar mitzvah was performed, A. read the Torah's blessings and even the passage of his aliyah. None of the regular worshipers gathered at the Western Wall knew of his past in the Arab village. The mentor who accompanied A. was more excited than anyone else. "I thank God for the privilege he gave me to accompany A. on his way back to the Jewish people. When I saw how he came to the Torah as ordinary and ordinary, I understood that his return to the bosom of our people had been crowned with success. I understood that the long and strenuous road was not in vain."

Yad L'Achim says that A. was enrolled in a yeshiva which he will enter in the next school year. "Like hundreds of Jewish children and teenagers who have been rescued by us in the last year, we are in stages of rehabilitation and return to the G-d of Israel, and there is no doubt that every success story of a reborn Jew gives us the strength to move on in the face of the difficulties we face."