MK Yehuda Glick announces engagement at Knesset plenum

MK announces from plenum he will marry Hadas Disin. 'While we're all busy with primaries, we'll be busy preparing to build new home.'

Mordechai Sones,

The Groom
The Groom
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MK Yehuda Glick of the Likud announced in a speech to the Knesset plenum he will marry Amitzim organization Chairwoman Hadas Disin.

Disin, a resident of Talmon in Binyamin, was widowed 17 years ago. Disin's husband died suddenly while baking matzah when she was 29. The Amitzim organization established by Disin provides support for widowers, widows, and young orphans, with the aim of establishing together an empowering, embracing, and strengthening community.

A year after his wife died, Glick announced at the Knesset plenum: "Since I received love and encouragement from you in joy and mourning, I find it a pleasant duty to share with you a new development: I'm happy to inform you that Hadas and I decided to get married.

"In the last few months I've been exposed to a field I wasn't sufficiently aware of, the situation of widdows and orphans," Glick said. "Several hundred orphans of terror attacks and IDF battles are being treated by about seven different organizations. Just to explain: There are associations that treat cancer patients, but from the moment a person dies, they're no longer accompanied. Practically, the boys and girls and the couple are sent away.

Hadas Disin

"In the near future, while we're all busy with the primaries and the elections, we will be busy preparing to build a new home. I've been with you for four years even before I was a Knesset Member," he said.

Glick added, "Two-and-a-half years ago I joined the Knesset and since then I've gotten hugs. Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow evening I'll hold an event in Jerusalem on the theme of united Jerusalem, and as part of this event I'll also raise a toast to thank G-d for the new relationship and for the prayer that with Hadas I'll be able to establish a connected home."