IDF helicopter nearly struck by drone aircraft

Drone aircraft narrowly misses IDF Black Hawk helicopter after being flown in restricted area.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Black Hawk
Black Hawk

An IDF helicopter was nearly hit by a drone aircraft operated illegally in restricted airspace in Israel.

The incident occurred Sunday night, and involved an IDF Black Hawk helicopter, the Israeli Air Force reported Monday afternoon.

The near-miss came after a drone aircraft was illegally flown into restricted airspace and at an altitude prohibited by law near an Israel Air Force base in central Israel.

Following the narrowly-averted accident, the IDF said in a statement that it had opened a joint investigation of the incident with Israel Police and to prevent future violations of restricted airspace.

“The IDF will work with Israel Police to prevent future security dangers caused by illegal [drone] flights.”

From December 19th to the 21st, drone sightings at England’s Gatwick Airport forced a closure of the airport and the cancellation of some 1,000 flights.