Crowdfunding platform bans BDS organizations

DonorBox restricts donations to a host of pro-BDS organizations pending further review.

Nitsan Keidar,

BDS operatives
BDS operatives

The American crowdfunding platform DonorBox has banned the BNC from using its services to raise money in what is seen as a major blow to the BDS movement.

The BNC is an umbrella organization of dozens of Palestinian boycott organizations, including the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces Council (PNIF). The PNIF consists of five different organizations defined by the US government as terrorist organizations, including Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Islamic conflict.

The organization leads boycotting and divestment activities from Israel and is responsible, inter alia, for campaigns against foreign artists and boycotting Israeli banking.

The DonorBox decision was made following information provided by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs that the organization does not meet the company's conditions because it misleads donors by falsely claiming that it is a US-based charitable organization and that the organization is affiliated with declared terrorist organizations in the United States.

Following the information provided by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, DonorBox announced an immediate freeze on fundraising through it, pending further review. Boycott organizations are currently conducting campaigns to raise funds through crowdfunding and the significance of the freeze is a severe blow to the fundraising process of the organization.