PA: Excavations causing tremors in eastern Jerusalem

PA claims archaeological digs a danger to lives of residents, sanctity of Jerusalem.

Dalit Halevy,

Corinna Kern/FLASH90

The Palestinian Authority claimed that Israeli excavations at archaeological sites in Jerusalem were causing tremors in the neighborhood of Silwan (Shimon Hatzaddik).

PA spokesperson Yusef al-Mahmoud stated that residents had complained that the digging of tunnels had disrupted their lives, homes, and property, as well as the holy sites of Islam and Christianity and the historical sites of Jerusalem.

According to Mahmoud, Israel's activity in Jerusalem, which he called the "eternal capital of the Palestinians," is escalating in a "crazy" manner and constitutes a blatant provocation under international law.

He called for urgent intervention by the international community to prevent Israel from continuing its "aggression" and forcing it to comply with international law that calls for ending the "occupation of Jerusalem" and all territory captured in the 1967 Six-Day Way.