Watch: Undercover special forces arrest terror suspect

A rare peek into the Border Police's 'Yamas' undercover commandos who arrest terror suspects disguised as Arabs.

Tzvi Lev ,

Border Police undercover unit
Border Police undercover unit
Flash 90

Undercover Border Police commandos arrested a 30-year-old Palestinian Arab that was suspected of terrorism in the village of Bidu, near Jerusalem.

Earlier, the suspect had attempted to ram through the A-Zaim checkpoint north of Jerusalem. The soldiers carried out a procedure for apprehending a suspect, including shooting in the air, but the vehicle managed to escape.

Later, undercover Border Police commandos arrested the suspect at his hometown of Bilu.

"This is a very complicated operation that requires many actions, " said one of the operatives. "We are required to operate on tight timetables and we also know how to carry out arrests of this kind within a very short period of time after receiving a significant warning or intelligence."

The soldiers, who are known as Mista'arvim, are required to pass a long and grueling training course are considered one of the best counterterrorism units in the world. Another unit of Mista'arvim also exists in Duvdevan, a unit in the IDF's Commando Brigade.

In 2015, Yamas members were filmed executing a daring operation in the heart of Hevron in order to arrest a wounded terrorist that was recovering in Hevron's Alhali Hospital. Posing as an Arab family, including a woman preparing to give birth, undercover agents entered the hospital and took him into custody. The man's cousin was shot dead after resisting arrest during the operation.

Yamas is thought to be one of the inspirations behind the hit Israeli series Fauda, which is about an Israeli undercover counter-terrorism unit that is desperately trying to locate arch-terrorist Abu Ahmed before he can commit another attack. Always popular in Israel, the series took off in the United States after it became available on Netflix