'Hamas enjoys total immunity'

Outgoing Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman goes on the attack in his final tour of the Gaza region.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Liberman visits the Gaza Division
Liberman visits the Gaza Division
Shahar Levi, Defense Ministry

Outgoing Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman attacked Israel's government in a Friday tour of the Gaza region.

With his resignation taking effect on Saturday morning, this is Liberman's last tour of southern Israel as defense minister.

"It is simply not possible that after Hamas sends about 500 rockets to the Gaza perimeter, south of the country, Hamas leaders are actually receiving immunity from the Israeli cabinet," said Liberman. "Those who gave orders to launch 500 rockets feel, within the current policy, are immune and safe."

Liberman also blasted the cabinet's decision to allow $15 million of Qatari money to be transferred to Hamas two weeks ago. Liberman says that he had fiercely opposed the decision but was overruled by Netanyahu at the time.

"As soon as the money crosses over the border, we don't have any supervision over it," Liberman said. "Those who look at who were the first to receive the money and enjoy the same $15 million are the same families of 230 terrorists who were killed in clashes with IDF soldiers on the fence and who accepted it under the category of 'humanitarian aid for needy families."

"We are now feeding a monster that if we do not stop its buildup and build up its strength, we will get a twin brother of Hezbollah here in a year's time, with all the meaning. "

Liberman announced on Wednesday that he will resign his position and pull his Yisrael Beytenu faction out of the government. In a dramatic press conference, Liberman said that the recent ceasefire Israel signed with Hamas was "a capitulation to terrorism" and called for early elections "as soon as possible".