Moderate Palestinians? It's a bad joke

Think there's a 'moderate' element to the Palestinian Authority leadership? Think again.

Walter Bingham,

Palestinians fight IDF in Al-Fawwar
Palestinians fight IDF in Al-Fawwar
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Walter's World - May 8th 2015

He was introduced as a "moderate," but Walid Salem is a member of the Palestinian National Council of the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization. That says it all. To be a moderate would be a contradiction.

Hear his twisted views about the Palestinian-Israeli dispute, as he presented them to influence a gathering of the foreign media: "Israel (is) a state created at the expense of other people", "Stop settling in my territory", "Stop attacking me", Do your responsibility".

These are just some of his "moderate neutral" pronouncements. If you are inclined to believe that there is a moderate element among the Palestinian elite, think again. When you press their right buttons, their unadulterated views ooze out unabated as you will hear.

Also: Racism and discrimination are rampant in Israel, as Tsega Melaku explains. While every new group of immigrants experiences its share of such difficulties for a relatively short period until they manage to integrate into Israeli society, there is one group, whose skin colour makes it impossible to melt into and be accepted into the greater whole, even after 30 years in the country.

Most of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, even those born and bred here have great difficulty to be accepted on equal terms with the rest of us. Admittedly, the vicious circle of little basic education leading to difficulties to enter further education and hence lack of opportunities are a contributing factor, but according to Tseka Melaku Ethiopians are perceived by the general Israeli public as a minority and fit only as low manual workers.

Her experiences and those of her community will move you and make you think. (Please allow for her sometimes difficult diction.)

And: Why I am embarrassed and upset at the modus operandi of our Prime Minister - and about the antics of some of our political Party leaders.

Finally: Walter's brief comments on the conduct of Israel's government coalition negotiations.