First publication:
Shaked will lead authorizing settlements

Expert rep to now join team discussions tasked with authorizing Judea and Samaria communities, reporting progress to Minister Shaked.

Mordechai Sones,

Flash 90

In recent days, a Justice Ministry representative has been approved to join the coordination team in the Prime Minister's Office tasked with overseeing legalizing outposts and unrecognized communities in Judea and Samaria.

The coordination team is supposed to include, beyond team head Pinchas Wallerstein, another 10 positions, some of which are reserved for the Civil Administration. In the original plan, there was no such Ministry representative who was required to be familiar with the legal issue of regulating communities by virtue of ​​expertise and occupation.

The Justice Ministry has an assistant to the Minister who deals with settlement matters. Minister Ayelet Shaked was interested in adding an expert representative on her behalf to the coordination team, who could not only provide effective advice but also be part of significant discussions in the State Attorney's Office and with the Attorney General.

Despite the fact that the coordination team has not yet filled its allotted positions, there is a leading body that includes four representatives from the Prime Minister's Office, the Justice Ministry, the Defense Ministry, and the Civil Administration, who outline tasks for the team.

Now, following approval of its representative to the arrangement team, the Justice Minister will join the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister in receiving regular updates once every three months on progress on authorization processes - and will be able to express her position and influence the process further.

This means the team that is supposed to implement the Zandberg Report conclusions will work under supervision of a representative of the Minister who initiated the report and pushed for its implementation, at least as long as the justice portfolio is in the hands of Shaked or any other Jewish Home Party representative.