Mazal tov, sixfold

Petah Tikva resident sends 6 columns in for lotto - one for each of the six days of creation - and wins a million shekels.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The winning ticket
The winning ticket
Avi Haim

A 45-year-old man, a married resident of Petah Tikva, filled six regular columns in the lottery for 17.40 shekels and won a million shekels, in a lottery held Saturday night.

The lotto followed the day on which Jews read the weekly Torah portion of "Breishit," which relates G-d's creation of the world in six days, and his rest on the seventh, Shabbat.

Asked why he sent six columns specifically, he replied that he sent the form on Friday, the sixth day of creation - six columns to express the six days.

"I discovered that I earned 1 million shekels while at work. From the moment I knew about it, I was smiling all the time, and the workers around me did not understand what had happened to me.”

“My wife and I have plans of what to do with the money, a move to a bigger apartment, where I can raise my kids more comfortably in the future,” he said.