Dozens of Jews ascend Temple Mount

Visitors pray near gates of Mount until opening, then ascend Mughrabi Gate singing. Among visitors: MK Shuli Mualem Refaeli.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Shuli Mualem on Temple Mount; this morning
MK Shuli Mualem on Temple Mount; this morning
MK Mualem-Rafaeli Office

Dozens of Jews ascended the Temple Mount this morning, after spending the wait for the Mount's gates to open in prayer and contemplation. When they were granted entry, the Jewish worshipers made their way through Mughrabi Gate in song and rejoicing.

Among those visiting the Temple Mount was MK Shuli Mualem (Jewish Home). Commenting on the occasion, Mualem said, "We say, 'It is good to express gratitude to Hashem - to speak in the morning of your kindness, and your faithfulness at nights'. Whenever we merit to ascend the Mount, we're in the exact same posture, of tremendous gratitude, truly, that we merited to live in a generation of redemption, to ascend the Temple Mount, to approach the Holy with a feeling of ascension, of more and more and more; Jews are able to ascend the Mount, and we mustn't give up.

"Also in dark times, when perhaps not everyone understands the real need or the truth in the ascent, the understanding that there's great importance in ascending the Mount, both because of it's sanctity and because of our sovereignty over the Land of Israel - and on the Temple Mount in particular - because as it's been said, 'Whoever rules the Mount, rules the entire Land; whoever belongs on the Mount belongs in the whole Land'.

"Don't give up. We see the numbers that are increasing all the time - much of it, very much of it, is thanks to these wonderful people who accompany us here: Israel Policeman, the Border Guard, and their commanders; who really changed their entire perception of Jewish ascent to the Mount in the past three years, not like visitors but like true owners," Mualem said.