'Mommy, they taught us gender. I wanted to die'

Shocked Israeli high school student tells mother: 'We read an article about a couple in Sweden raising a baby without gender.' Commentary.

Gil Ronen,

Torture by feminism
Torture by feminism

A high school student from north Tel Aviv told her mother in shock about a lesson in "feminism and gender" that was given to her classmates in the English class. The mother published the dialogue on a Facebook group affiliated with conservative ideas.

"Mom, you don't understand," the daughter began, in the Whatsapp conversation between the two. "We had a lesson on gender and feminism in English and they said really retarded things and some girls said there was a wage gap.

"And we read an article about Swedish parents raising a baby without gender," she added. "I wanted to die."

The feminist argument of a "wage gap" between men and women holds there is general discrimination against women in the area of ​​wages. The argument has been analyzed dozens of times and has been examined in many official studies in Israel and abroad, which have established that it is fundamentally false.

Women earn less on average than men, but not because of discrimination, but because they choose different professions and their work patterns are different from those of men (in general).

The myth of the "wage gap" exists to persuade women not to see men as providing them with economic security, but on the contrary, to feel that men are preventing women from earning their own money in devious ways. In this way, feminism dissolves the bond between woman and man.

Feminist education in Israeli schools is widespread. As far as is known, no one examines the credibility of feminist content. These are usually lies and hate propaganda, and an attempt to dissolve family values and create animosity between the sexes.

Mommy, you don't understand