Murderer's son leads Temple Mount riots

Shin Bet. police uncover group of young Arabs from eastern Jerusalem who led violent confrontations on the Temple Mount.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Temple Mount
Temple Mount
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Recently, Shin Bet interrogators, together with the Israel Police, uncovered a network of Arab youths, residents of Israel from eastern Jerusalem, who led violent confrontations on the Temple Mount at the end of July this year after Friday prayers.

In addition, a squad of activists who purchased firecrackers were discovered and later smuggled into the Temple Mount to attack the security forces outside the mountain area at the end of Friday prayers on the Mount. Following the severe incident, four policemen were injured, and as a result of the violent incidents, the Temple Mount was closed for several hours.

In the course of interrogations by the Shin Bet and the police, Ahmed Abu Tzibah, a Hamas terrorist from Kafr Aqab, who had been released a few months earlier, was found to have began the group after being sentenced to eight months in prison for his activities in the terrorist organization Shabab al-Aqsa.

Tzibah is the son of Mesbah Abu Tzibh, who carried out a deadly shooting attack in October 2016 in Jerusalem, during which Livneh Malihi and the Yossi Kirma were murdered.

The investigation revealed that Tzibah was the one who led the violent event, transferred the funding for the fireworks, and instructed to recruit additional activists to riot on the Temple Mount, as well as fire the flares at the Israeli forces.

Rashid Rashak, a Hamas terrorist with an Israeli identity card, was arrested along with his wife, who served between 14 and 16 years in prison for his involvement in a stabbing attack. Rashid recruited activists and instructed them how to take part in the event. In the weeks following the clashes, Rashid also instigated a similar violent incident on the Temple Mount, but unsuccessfully, due to the security forces' preventive activity.

Together with the two, eight other residents of eastern Jerusalem were arrested, facing legal proceedings for involvement in the violent incident on the Temple Mount, as well as other violent incidents in eastern Jerusalem.