Report: PA demanding Trump fire Jason Greenblatt

PA chief Mahmoud Abbas reportedly demanding Trump replace special envoy Jason Greenblatt as condition for returning to negotiations.

David Rosenberg ,

Jason Greenblatt meets with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas
Jason Greenblatt meets with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas

The Palestinian Authority has demanded that President Donald Trump fire special envoy Jason Greenblatt, a senior PA official has claimed, conditioning the resumption of direct negotiations with Israel on Greenblatt’s removal.

According to a report by Israel Hayom, a senior PA official and confidant of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas said that Abbas is pushing for Greenblatt to be replaced, citing his recent article in which Greenblatt criticized the PA leadership over its refusal to renew talks with Israel, and the PA’s stated intention not to consider the White House’s planned framework for a final status agreement.

“At the time of this writing, the Palestinian leadership refuses to engage with us. Such refusal began when President Trump made his bold, courageous and historic decision to recognize the reality that Jerusalem has been and will remain the capital of Israel,” Greenblatt wrote.

“The leadership’s unwillingness to engage is disappointing and only hurts the Palestinian people that they claim to serve. It is unfortunate that the Palestinian leadership condemns a peace plan they have never seen, and refuses to engage on a possible path forward for all Palestinians. This approach will only cause the Palestinian people to fall further and further behind their neighbors.”

PA leaders, including Abbas, say Greenblatt’s article revealed a bias against the PA, the senior PA official told Israel Hayom. Abbas has now conditioned his return to the negotiating table on Greenblatt’s removal as special White House envoy, the source added.

“The article in Israel Hayom effectively revealed the bias Washington - and Greenblatt personally – have in favor of Israel, including the complete rejection of legitimate Palestinian demands.”

Abbas, who has boycotted administration officials since President Trump’s December declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, has offered to return to the negotiating table – in exchange for Greenblatt’s removal and replacement with a more ‘objective’ US representative.

“Recently, a team of Palestinian senior officials were sent by Abbas to Washington,” the senior PA official said. “One of their central demands during the talks was the demand…to replace Greenblatt with an envoy with more objective positions.”