'Trump is pushing the PA into a corner'

Former ambassador to US Danny Ayalon assesses Trump spoke of price Israel will have to pay in order to present Abbas as a refuser of peace.

Benny Tocker ,

White House

Danny Ayalon, who served as deputy foreign minister and Israeli ambassador to Washington, said that the PA should not have high hopes and Israel should not be concerned about President Trump's speech in which he mentioned that there would be a price for recognition of Jerusalem.

"The Palestinians are continuing to attack and they are not prepared for any compromise. Trump’s statement gives leverage to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to press Abbas and present him as a refuser of peace, in the face of a speech that talks about concessions by Israel," Ayalon told Arutz Sheva.

He believes that the American president is saying things for the world’s ears, but does not really intend to make far-reaching demands from Israel. “Trump's words are no different from what he said in the election campaign. Trump is unpredictable. But the main reason for the timing of this statement is the proximity to the UN General Assembly in New York. He has to prove that he has done something about the Palestinian issue, especially as European leaders are constantly harassing him on this issue. Trump is doing everything to prove that he is acting to the best of his ability and the Palestinians are hindering the process.”

Ayalon believes that if implemented, President Trump's "Deal of the Century" will be good for Israel. "Trump's outline has not been published, but according to what is known, it will not include the division of Jerusalem and the issue of the Palestinian refugees will not be brought up at all. What will be included is a presentation of defensible borders for Israel and a demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. This president is the friendliest Israel has ever had and therefore I believe that there is no special concern in Jerusalem about his words."