Trump threatens Turkey over pastor

“We are not going to take it sitting down... “we haven’t seen the last of it,” says Trump after court rejects Pastor Brunson's appeal.

Arutz Sheva,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has vowed to take new steps to free an American pastor detained in Turkey, stating that “we haven’t seen the last of it.”

“We are not going to take it sitting down,” Trump said on Friday, according to the RT news site.

The US president’s remarks followed a ruling by a Turkish court, which rejected an appeal for the release of US Pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been held by Ankara since 2016. Brunson, an evangelical pastor, in under house arrest and faces 35 years in prison on espionage and terror-related charges.

The Turkish currency fell again on Friday, after the United States threatened to impose new sanctions on the NATO country. The lira dropped about 5 percent, to about 6.11 per dollar.

Turkey's trade minister, Ruhsar Pekcan, said her government would respond to any new trade duties.

The US has already imposed sanctions on two Turkish government ministers and doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum imports. Turkey retaliated with tariffs on some U.S. imports — including cars, tobacco and alcoholic drinks — and vowed to boycott U.S. electronic goods.

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