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'End of lawlessness in eastern Jerusalem'

Justice Minister Shaked demands Finance Minister ensure plan to regulate Arab construction in Jerusalem does not discriminate against Jews.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has approached Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon in recent days with a request to work to ensure that the "Mukhtar procedure" approved by the Jerusalem municipality will also provide a solution for Jews seeking to plan construction in eastern Jerusalem, and not only Arab residents.

It was argued that this would lead to an Arab takeover of land in the eastern part of the capital, in a way that would indicate that the land belonged to the Arabs, with the suspicion that some of the testimonies would be fabricated with the intention of blocking Jewish land purchase.

After a meeting with Deputy Attorney General Erez Kaminitz, Shaked addressed the matter to Minister Kahlon, in light of the fact that the director of planning serves under the Finance Ministry, with the intention of ensuring that there is no discrimination against Jews who wish to purchase land in East Jerusalem.

In addition, Shaked sought to ensure that any program according to the "Mukhtar Procedure" will also be submitted to the General Custodian for review. Shaked also sought to sharpen the procedure according to which the Israel Lands Authority has rights regarding state land in the open areas.

Recently, at the initiative of Shaked, a process of land regulation in eastern Jerusalem was initiated. In a recent discussion with Shaked, Kaminitz clarified that "it is clear that upon the completion of these procedures, the District Committee will no longer be required to deal with the Mukhtars' aspects of the procedure. In addition, taking into consideration that these are procedures that require a lengthy period of time and a thorough discussion, an appropriate interim solution must be provided, as the procedure and its current implementation permit."

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said in response to Arutz Sheva's inquiry that "the celebration of lawlessness in East Jerusalem will end with intensive work and budgeted through a government decision, and within a few years the taboo will settle all the lands in East Jerusalem."

"There should not be a difference, and there won't be, between East and West Jerusalem. In the interim period, we will ensure that there will be no hostile takeover of land, and that this will be done with due diligence," Shaked clarified.

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