Police arrest weapons thieves that targeted off-duty soldiers

Suspects followed home conscripts on their weekend leave and burglarized their weapons while they were sleeping.

Tzvi Lev,

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Flash 90

Police arrested five 30-year-old Arab-Israelis from Kfar Qara who they said had burglarized weapons from off-duty soldiers.

According to police, the gang had followed conscripts on their weekend leave in Pardes Hana and Binyamina to their homes and stole the weapons later that night, The assault rifles were subsequently sold on the black market, where army-issued firearms can fetch tens of thousands of shekels.

A special police unit had used advanced technological means to track down the thieves and ambushed them while they had broken into the home of a soldier. The five suspects will be arraigned before an Acre judge next week.

IDF soldiers commonly take their weapons home with them while on leave, making them an inviting target for thieves, As a result, troops are commanded to separate their firearm into three pieces and scatter them throughout their residence. In addition, they are forbidden from leaving their weapon unattended and are obligated to hear a safety brief concerning weapon use before heading off base.

In May, four Bedouin males had attacked a soldier near the city of Rahat and stole his weapon. Police nabbed them a few weeks later.