Watch: Pistol found hidden in wheelchair

Security forces find pistol in western Samaria Arab village, hidden in a wheelchair.

Rafael Levi ,

Police found in wheelchair
Police found in wheelchair
Police spokesperson

Border Police detectives and IDF forces operating last night near the PA village of Al-Funduq in western Samaria found an FN pistol hidden in a wheelchair.

The detectives arrived after receiving intelligence information, set up an ambush and waited for the suspicious vehicle which, according to the information, carried weapons.

After several hours of activity, the suspicious vehicle appeared and was stopped by the police for a search. The vehicle carried three suspects. It quickly became clear that the driver suffered from a disability in his legs and that he was assisted by a wheelchair found in the trunk of the vehicle. It was also discovered that he was driving the vehicle with the assistance of a manual driving mechanism.

Upon searching the vehicle, police were surprised to find an FN pistol in the wheelchair found in the trunk, apparently used by the driver. The three suspects were arrested for further investigation by Border Police.