Cops seize 'Carlo' submachine gun, arrest suspect

The improvised gun was found in a car belonging to a resident of Sderot.

Guy Cohen ,

Border Policeman (file)
Border Policeman (file)
Police Spokesman's Unit

Border Police detectives in Israel's southern district seized an improvised submachine gun of the type known as "Carlo" and arrested the man suspected in possessing it Friday.

The arrest took place in Kibbutz Ruchama.

The detectives stopped a suspect vehicle and conducted a search, in the course of which they found the gun as well as a bullet magazine and ammunition.

They arrested the man suspected of possessing the gun on the spot. He is in his 40s and a resident of Sderot – a Jewish city not far from Gaza.

The Border Police noted that Carlos are illegal weapons that fetch about 8,000 shekels in the gun market.

Carlos received their name from a type of semi-automatic gun made by the Carl Gustav firm, to which they bear some outward resemblance.