'Lower expectations for the Trump and Putin meetings'

What to expect from the upcoming summit between President Trump and Putin.


Trump and Putin
Trump and Putin

Thomas Graham, managing director of Kissinger Associates, Inc., talks about the upcoming summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I think our expectations should be quite low for the meeting as far as substance is concerned. You haven't done enough preparatory work to actually have agreements on these issues that are out there, very complicated issues, whether it be the issue of meddling, which is obviously very important for the American public", he said.

In his opinion, "Syria, Ukraine, All these things are extremely complex issues that you can't decide at one sitting. So I think the best that you can hope for out of this is that the presidents will decide that we need to work on these issues, and we're going to get our our officials to sit down and do the tough work and tough negotiating that needs to be done to see whether we can, in a sense, resolve some of these issues and take them off the table - disputes between the United States and Russia".