Infiltrator facilities close, crime up

South Tel Aviv police commander reports on rise in violence by infiltrators. Committee Chairman MK Kish: 'Erosion of deterrence worrisome.'

Mordechai Sones,

Eritreans call on EU to try Eritrean leadership for crimes against humanity
Eritreans call on EU to try Eritrean leadership for crimes against humanity
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The Knesset Interior Committee discussed the problem of law enforcement among illegal infiltrators.

Sharet police station commander Chief Superintendent Tzachi Sharabi said "there has recently been an increase in violent offenses, robbery, and serious attacks among infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv compared with the previous year.

"In 2018, there was a lot of administrative deterrence, because the ability to send them to the Sahronim and Hulot facilities prevented and reduced violence and crime," he said.

In November the cabinet decided unanimously to adopt the initiative to close the Hulot holding facility in the Negev. According to the outline proposed by the ministers, the facility for incarcerating illegal aliens received an extension of three months to prepare for its closing. After the facility's closure, all persons staying illegally in Israel were to have chosen between entering a regular prison and leaving the country.

Committee Chairman MK Yoav Kish (Likud) said "the phenomenon of fights between opponents and supporters of the Eritrean regime is less disturbing to me, the violence itself and the erosion of deterrence are very worrying and I ask the police to pass on data to the committee. I ask the Immigration Authority - we have pictures of regime supporters, as they define themselves. Why are they here?"

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Immigration Authority representative Yossi Edelstein replied: "We don't know a concept of supporters or opponents of the regime; we didn't enter into the issue, we don't recognize such a division. Today one of them says he's against the regime and tomorrow he supports it."

Southern Tel Aviv activist Shefi Paz explained the problem was due to the possibility of consolidating infiltrators being cancelled. "There have been 'regime supporters' here for seven to eight years," she said. "You wouldn't know about the violence between them and the regime's opponents if our activists didn't take pictures. This is also a bluff. There are several dozen supporters of the regime and several dozen, perhaps hundreds, of dissidents. They can't conduct civil wars in our neighborhoods. Our guys who took pictures had rocks flying over their heads."

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